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  • Women In Art History

    Throughout history women in the arts have had to contend with notions that genius is a man’s trait. They’ve been subjected to accusations their work was not their own, had to hide any trace of femininity from their work, and only allowed to create “as long as [she] remains from unsexing herself.” (Chadwick, pg. 31) […]

  • 18 Flavors Of Activism. Something For The Whole Family.

    18 Flavors Of Activism. Something For The Whole Family.

    No matter which side of the great political divide you find yourself, there are causes close to your heart. Things you’d like to see improved and people you’d like to help. Activism is about finding ways to make a difference in the world around you, for yourself and others who don’t have a voice. But […]

  • 10 Rules For Changing The World

    10 Rules For Changing The World

    Embed from Getty Images I don’t know how to change the world, but apparently, Ghandi does. ¬†Here’s a link to the expanded version, but I’ll give you the run down: Change yourself. You are in control. Forgive and let it go. Without action you aren’t going anywhere. Take care of this moment. Everyone is human. […]

  • What’s Next?

    I didn’t want to leave you hanging after yesterday’s post. If you want something more specific for art and activism, I recommend checking out The Center For Artistic Activism. They have webinars and podcasts (although they haven’t done one in awhile. I have no room to judge). ¬†They are a fount of knowledge and they […]