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  • Artist Interview: Cindi Zimmerman

    Artist Interview: Cindi Zimmerman

    [I met ¬†artist Cindi Zimmerman through an art group on Facebook because she shared some paintings and I fell in love immediately. I had to have them and finally convinced her I really wanted to buy them. We hit it off immediately and she kindly let me interview her for this blog. She also introduced […]

  • 6 Reasons Rothko Is Not A Joke.

    6 Reasons Rothko Is Not A Joke.

    Rothko, Picasso, Pollock. Those poor guys. So misunderstood by the masses. I, and I’m sure you, have heard over and over how bad these artists are and a kid could do it, etc. Maybe even said it yourself. I know I hated Picasso. His figures were grotesque. I saw a meme an artist created about […]

  • Conte Blocking

    Conte Blocking

    This is a conte blocking. You take a piece of conte and use one tone to lay out the basic shape of the person, then you press harder to get another tone for the shadows. You only shade in the darkest shadows and you only use the 2 tones. You also only use the broad […]