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  • A New Year, A New Home

    A New Year, A New Home

    I am extremely excited to announce I am now a member of The Bowery Gallery in Apalachicola, Florida. Although, I am sadden to split with Cafe Con Leche, as they are so wonderful and supportive and in my experience really great to work with. They also sold two of my paintings over the last year, which […]

  • Painting as a lifestyle choice.

    First I would like to say that I removed all of my images from deviantArt. It was not where I wanted my artwork to be shown and their behavior to the artists was a little unsettling. I just bought my name as a domain and will be working diligently on a website over the weekend […]

  • Mouth and Chin

    Mouth and Chin

    News: Two of my WIPs are online at DeviantArt. The link is to the left. I have two more, but one is a surprise and they both need to be finished by Friday. I don’t want to take the time to load them twice in a few days because I now have a lot of […]

  • 20 Minute Hand Study

    20 Minute Hand Study
  • 1 Hour Gesture

    1 Hour Gesture
  • 5 Minute Gesture

    5 Minute Gesture

    My favorite gesture by far. 3 minutes is almost too short for my style. The wet on wet technique that dominates my way of painting does not work well in such a short period of time. There’s no time to dry between layers and while everything blends together beautifully there’s no definition in the figures. […]

  • 3 Minute Gestures

    3 Minute Gestures

    The first gesture of the week. I enjoy this one because it shows my progress from the first time I took this class. I was known as puddles that semester. Not because I have a habitual problem wetting the floor, but because all my gestures looked like puddles of color. Beautiful puddles, but puddles none […]

  • Meg, 2-4-09 (40 Minutes)

    Meg, 2-4-09 (40 Minutes)

    Meg This is Meg. This model was a bad two weeks for me. I don’t have anything against her, but I hate drawing her. She is near impossible. Her coloring is difficult as well. Every time I sat down I happened to be in mostly shadow and her shadows tend to be grey. We were supposed […]

  • Sketchbook 2

    Sketchbook 2

    This is over a couple of days. Maybe 3 or 4 hours total.

  • Sketchbook


    This is a fountain just south of the art institute. It started raining 15 minutes into the painting, but I really like what the paint was doing.

  • Gesture Paintings

    Gesture Paintings
  • Nude Female

    Nude Female

    This painting started out as being an exercise in a loose, fast technique and trying to use colors. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

  • Plein Air Painting (1st time)

    Plein Air Painting (1st time)

    This is a close up of my favorite part of the daffodil painting.

  • One Hour Painting of Joe

    One Hour Painting of Joe

    A Quick Painting of Joe   This painting is done in one hour only. A quick painting of Joe. I had to make up a project during the week we used a model and he was kind enough to sit in for me.

  • First Still Life

    First Still Life

    This is my second water color painting. My first still life. I love the way it turned out too. It’s an African figurine, a plaster hand w/ broken fingers and a shell. I love the shadow from the figure and the shell. At the beginning of the class that shell didn’t look like anything, but […]

  • Contours

  • Contour

  • Contour

  • Contours


    These are the contours I stayed after class to do. Well a small sample of them any way.

  • Contour Drawing

    Contour Drawing

    This is a contour drawing. We used colored pencil. You draw very slowly using with your pencil as parallel to the paper as possible. I am really bad at it. Although the ones I picked to put on here are pretty decent (lots of practice). We get 5 minutes for these