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  • Painting Prep

    Painting Prep

    While my niece sanded the cabinets, I started on the toilet parts and sink. I did not sand the sink.  My brother came over and said, “tsk tsk” so I sanded the toilet. I don’t know if I’ve ever really sanded anything (except a point on a drawing pencil.) I made a bit of a […]

  • Bathroom

      The above from the end of last weekend. It wasn’t a great pic so I didn’t post about it.  You can see from the upper right, the paneling was removed. This is the area that corresponds to the leak in the bedroom. The toilet comes and goes. There was almost no damage to the […]

  • Bathroom To-Do List

    Remove cabinets Remove toilet Remove sink Remove damaged paneling Add wood/metal studs New insulation New paneling Remove carpet New flooring Spray hose Add wall finish Paint walls Rice paper window covering Add acrylic sliding doors to make a new cabinet (They are just panel doors though, not acrylic.) Add ceiling rack Paint toilet, sink, shower, cabinets, […]