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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    My bedroom closet has a few hacks. I cut up a shoe organizer and stapled it on the doors and on the ceiling above the rack. I also cut down a septic tank hose to put on the rod. This keeps my hangers from moving around when I’m driving. I am debating whether or not […]

  • Bathroom


       This weekend I decided to carry the basket weave trim to the mirror wall. Originally, I wanted the mirror to take up the entire wall, but that didn’t happen. I kind of like it with the orange on the bottom as well as the top.  When I touch up the white paint, I will […]

  • Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

    Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

    We had a bit of a snafu when trying to hang the mirror. First, I wanted to hang it horizontally. This would cover the window completely and make the room seem wider. There was great debate over how the mirror would be secured. This mirror is too heavy, that mirror is too ugly. I finally […]

  • To The Make-Over, Batman

    To The Make-Over, Batman

    After the failed attempt at plumbing we managed to hang a mirror and level the cabinet.  Oh, my friend built a new toilet box/stand/support. I also cut some board to cover the pipe and my friend cut the trim. He realized he put it on the wrong boards so that is why it is upside […]

  • Drip, Drip, Drip

    Drip, Drip, Drip

    The following stopped progress for a day and a half: If you look directly below the valve, you will see the culprit. Plumbing is a bitch. We originally had a leak at the connection to the sink. It was a flexible plastic pipe with the nut permanently attached.  My friend cut the original pipe, added […]

  • Shower Before And After Continued

    Shower Before And After Continued

       Here is my new shower head/faucet.  As you can see, the old shower head didn’t even hang on the wall any more. This shower head is supposed to be a fancy, never clog, oxygenated, use less water shower head. I think it looks like the Alien.  I may get another holder to keep the […]

  • To-Do Lists

    I have updated the bedroom and bathroom lists. So close, yet so far. If you want to see where I started, click here. I’m working on pulling stills from the video.

  • Bathroom Update

    Bathroom Update

      I tried a panoramic shot. It turned out a little funky. You can see some of the dings on my pretty walls. The room is now more than an inch smaller in width. I don’t know how that happened since we did not touch those walls. We just hired York, PA painting company to […]

  • Shower


    I hope you are ready for some more before and afters, cuz that’s what I’m all about.          Thanks to Johnny this shower went from dingy yellowed white to bright white. It’s so pretty it hurts.    Oh it just doesn’t stop, the pain from the pretty. After I cleaned and stripped the […]

  • Bathroom


    I have a couple of posts about the bathroom this week. This is what one wall of bathroom looked like: This is what it looks like now: Clearly, I picked the orange. We still need to sink in and spackle the finishing nails, add crown molding, baseboards, and some vertical strips of wood. Then that […]

  • Dumping 101

    Dumping 101

    One thing that really worried me about the whole, living in an RV things, was dumping the black tank. I’ve heard horror stories and I knew this would be a make it or break it task. I watched youtube videos and read a few tips. Then I bought the clear elbow connector. Off to the […]

  • Progress


    I will take a break from sharing my spoils to show you the little progress that was made.   The section to the right and the wall to the left were the last pieces in the bedroom. That’s right, the bedroom is completely walled in. Now to finish puttying/sanding.   Next weekend, there will be […]

  • Painting Prep

    Painting Prep

    While my niece sanded the cabinets, I started on the toilet parts and sink. I did not sand the sink.  My brother came over and said, “tsk tsk” so I sanded the toilet. I don’t know if I’ve ever really sanded anything (except a point on a drawing pencil.) I made a bit of a […]

  • Bedroom Update 1,599

    The latest on the very slow progress. The weather has been very crazy lately. The weekend before last I was 50 yards from a tornado and didn’t know it.  I was already in the basement (I tend to do that when there is even a strong gust.)  Then last weekend, where I live, luckily not […]

  • Bathroom

      The above from the end of last weekend. It wasn’t a great pic so I didn’t post about it.  You can see from the upper right, the paneling was removed. This is the area that corresponds to the leak in the bedroom. The toilet comes and goes. There was almost no damage to the […]

  • Bathroom To-Do List

    Remove cabinets Remove toilet Remove sink Remove damaged paneling Add wood/metal studs New insulation New paneling Remove carpet New flooring Spray hose Add wall finish Paint walls Rice paper window covering Add acrylic sliding doors to make a new cabinet (They are just panel doors though, not acrylic.) Add ceiling rack Paint toilet, sink, shower, cabinets, […]

  • On A Roll

      Roll it! That’s my toilet. I took it out myself. It was really easy, but disgusting.   That is where my toilet lives. I had to cover the hole because I did not dump the tank before I removed the toilet. I didn’t think that through.  I thought we were going to get the bathroom […]