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  • How I Ended Up At Art School

    How I Ended Up At Art School

    Before I was in high school I didn’t even realize art was a career. I don’t even know if I knew anything about the masters. I’m sure I heard of them, I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, after all, but I don’t know if I realized that was their actual job. I hit high school […]

  • The Story Behind Thank You:

    The Story Behind Thank You:

    This is one of my favorite paintings I have done. I went to Thailand, a place I’d been wanting to see for years.  In Thailand, when they say thank you, they place their hands in prayer position and bow slightly. I kid you not, I went on a 3-hour boat tour. It was really amazing. […]

  • Few And Far Between

    Few And Far Between

    That will be my posting style for the foreseeable future. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m working on a very big project, literally and figuratively. You can read more about it on my Patreon site. I’m working on uploading a video there are well. Below is a WIP of the first painting in […]

  • Latest Watercolor Paintings

    Latest Watercolor Paintings

    Here are most of the paintings I completed over July and August. I have a few left to edit.  The paintings for sale are all $125 and can be collected through The Bowery Art Gallery.  They have a few other paintings too, although they sell fast, so hurry. Christmas is coming.    “There’s Always One,” watercolor […]

  • 30 Paintings In 30 Days?

    30 Paintings In 30 Days?

    For January, I painted 19 paintings. Whew. Only 2 were completely awful, in my opinion. It was exhausting and I look forward to beating that record the next time the challenge comes around. A couple things I learned: It is really difficult to find something to paint after the 10th painting so stock up on […]

  • A New Year, A New Home

    A New Year, A New Home

    I am extremely excited to announce I am now a member of The Bowery Gallery in Apalachicola, Florida. Although, I am sadden to split with Cafe Con Leche, as they are so wonderful and supportive and in my experience really great to work with. They also sold two of my paintings over the last year, which […]

  • Speed Painting – Purple Cows Moo Too

    Speed Painting – Purple Cows Moo Too

    This is my favorite 4 hour painting so far. It makes me irrationally happy. This painting and 2 others have just been posted to my Etsy store. Please go to my youtube page for more speed painting videos.

  • This Is An Art Blog, You Say?

    This Is An Art Blog, You Say?

    Well, then I better add some art. The Pilot, watercolor on claybord, ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2014 Private Collection I finished The Pilot a few months back. I can’t remember the type of plane, but it is from WWII.  Here it is framed and ready for its home. I can’t remember the exact dimensions so I thought […]

  • Painter’s Block

    Painter’s Block

    I still haven’t touched the elephants and the owl. I keep them on my scanner at work, hoping to figure out what to do next if I stare at them long enough.   Today, I brought in the giraffes and hummingbird to show a consultant to the company. I sat the paintings on my scanner […]

  • WIPs

    I have been working on these two paintings for a little while now. I’m not very happy with either one.     The Elephants are just a little dull for me, but every time I work on it it seems to get more dull.  I stopped working on them, hoping time would convince me to […]

  • Giraffes


    I have moved on to smaller paintings for the moment. Mostly for mental reasons. I wanted to feel like I was actually accomplishing something. The smaller sizes also allow me to experiment and fail without investing a lot of time. If I like something I can add it to a bigger painting later. I also […]

  • Commission – Tara

    I know what you are thinking. “Elisha, there’s not a lot of art on your art blog.”   I have actually finished 3 paintings this year so far and I have a few in progress. Unfortunately, I’m having issues with my camera connecting to my computer so really good photos are hard to come by. […]

  • RV Tour (Before)

    Here is the first official look at my new home! Thanks for taking a look.