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  • Link Love – Sketching Part Deux

    Link Love – Sketching Part Deux

    Here are a few sites to look at over the holiday weekend if you find a spare minute. 6 Ways To Improve Your Sketching Artslug Drawing Skills Before and After

  • Link Love

    Link Love

    Let’s talk about podcasts. I love podcasts. I don’t remember how or why I started listening to them, but they’ve changed my life. That’s not an exaggeration. I used to just turn on some music and get to work, but I’ve found I like podcasts even better. Although, when I’m driving for hours I like […]

  • Link Love (Paleo Edition)

    Link Love (Paleo Edition)

    Speaking of a new routine, I have eaten almost 100% paleo for a few weeks. I heard about it for years, as I’m sure you have. I believe I first heard of it from Dooce.  Glenn is also a fan. However, I didn’t give it a serious look until I started reading Nerd Fitness. I say almost 100% […]

  • Organize Your Art Biz

    Organize Your Art Biz

    Last week I started my third class with Alyson B. Stanfield. She is the author of my favorite art business book, I’d Rather Be In The Studio.  The first week, among other things, we were supposed to take  a before picture of our office and do one thing to immediately improve it.    Saturday morning showed […]

  • Serious Link Love

    This is some legit stuff.  I’m only going to give you 4 1/2 today because I want you to pace yourself. These are rockin’. In order to go from a “studio” apartment to an RV I need to learn a lot about organizing. I love having a clean house, but I’m not a fan of […]