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  • First Days On The Road

    First Days On The Road

    If I walk about a quarter mile or less, the view above is what I have.  I really love this area.  There’s a planetarium I plan to see tomorrow, there’s a great, old bridge that is very scary to drive an RV over, and best of all, there’s absolutely no neighbors. I see a truck […]

  • Painter’s Block

    Painter’s Block

    I still haven’t touched the elephants and the owl. I keep them on my scanner at work, hoping to figure out what to do next if I stare at them long enough.   Today, I brought in the giraffes and hummingbird to show a consultant to the company. I sat the paintings on my scanner […]

  • WIPs

    I have been working on these two paintings for a little while now. I’m not very happy with either one.     The Elephants are just a little dull for me, but every time I work on it it seems to get more dull.  I stopped working on them, hoping time would convince me to […]