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  • That’s My Boy

    That’s My Boy

      Buy Now   Just put the finishing touches on this one. It has either been in my head or sitting in my RV waiting for me to wrap it up for months now. I’m happy to see it completed and I’ll be even happier to drop it off at my gallery for a few […]

  • If I Had An Assistant

    If I Had An Assistant

    If I had an assistant, I would have them edit all of the photos. It is my least favorite part of the whole blog. I would probably blog 10 x’s as often if I didn’t have to edit photos. Unfortunately, no one wants an art blog without the art. I have more than 2 weeks […]

  • Sketchbook Skool Week 2

    Sketchbook Skool Week 2

    I did not sketch yesterday, but I did two today. The sketchbook skool week was all about color pencils and getting out of your comfort zone. The instructor wanted us to go outside and sketch in front of people. It was cold this week and since I sketched outside last week and I’m always drawing […]

  • March Challenge At Wet Canvas

    March Challenge At Wet Canvas

    Mountain Vista 5×7″ watercolor on clayboard  ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2014 Here is my attempt at a landscape for this March challenge. I linked to the 3rd page, where the first painting is so amazing! I love the style. I also finished the elephant painting and I hung 3 paintings at the local Barnes and Noble. I wanted […]

  • The Last Days

    The Last Days

    I would still be in Florida, but my older brother is getting married.  I am heading back to the tundra formerly known as Illinois. I wanted to have photos for this post, but the internet is very slow at this camp site when the employees are here. At night, it’s awesome, but I am the […]

  • Another Monster

    Another Monster

    Of course, the first thing the puppy chewed up was my laptop cord (He’s another monster!). I didn’t have a laptop with The Beast and little Lola hasn’t been a puppy for 7 years. I forgot that was a thing for puppies. He’s doing pretty good. He developed rickets and 3 ring worms all at […]

  • First Days On The Road

    First Days On The Road

    If I walk about a quarter mile or less, the view above is what I have.  I really love this area.  There’s a planetarium I plan to see tomorrow, there’s a great, old bridge that is very scary to drive an RV over, and best of all, there’s absolutely no neighbors. I see a truck […]

  • All I Want For Christmas Is The Flu

    All I Want For Christmas Is The Flu

    Wait, what? Yeah, I had the flu for two weeks. I have barely touched the RV, which is kind of scary since I leave in a little over one week. It is not going to be completely finished, but I knew that awhile back. I will be staying with my family for the first week, […]

  • New Seating/Storage Galore!

    New Seating/Storage Galore!

    I have so many posts coming.  I have new dinette cushions (which are giving me all kinds of problems, but that’s another post,) I have a new ottoman, and I have so much storage. First up, the newest item: I originally went to Target for a small storage ottoman. I figured a $20 one would […]

  • Art!


    I know, you were thinking I quit painting watercolor and I was going into the business of RV remodeling. Not so. Although, this is not “new” art work, it is new to you. My DSLR won’t connect to either computer any more so I couldn’t get anything off compact flash card. I finally bought a […]

  • Big Spender

    Big Spender

    I was not feeling well last week and did not get a lot accomplished on the RV. We still made progress, just not a lot. I did manage to make a few purchases while I was feeling under the weather. Since I don’t have a lot of other progress, I will probably break this up […]

  • He Loved His Piggy So Much…

    He Loved His Piggy So Much…

    … he ate its face off.      

  • The Beast Strikes Again

    A couple of weeks ago, Beasley found a new chew toy in the form of my brand new hammer.   If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, I’d hammer until Beasley chewed it up.  Then I’d hammer all through the night. That dog can get into anything. […]

  • That Dang Dirty Dog.

    Sunday, Lola got her summer hair cut. I had to take her to a new place and I forgot to tell them to keep her ears long. Lola is the dirtiest dog I’ve ever seen. She loves rolling around in anything.  This is one reason I keep her hair short. Not 10 minutes after we […]